Goat Tuff Fence

Stay-Tuff’s Goat-Tuff™ takes the fencing headaches out of raising goats.

Our fences are ideally suited to goat ranching because they will stand up to the constant pressure put on the fence by your animals.


  • Economical—total construction cost is less than standard net wire with barbed wire
    • Save money on materials. Stay-Tuff needs half the posts required for standard field fence, and there’s no need for barbed wire
    • Save money on labor costs as knots are stripped on both ends of the fence, ready to tie, saving 20-30 minutes per roll
  • Resists rust & corrosion—lasts 3 to 4 times as long as standard farm fence
  • Superior strength—3 times stronger than standard net wire
  • Impact resistant—the fence fabric gives with pressure and does not stretch out of shape
  • Won’t sag or squash with downward pressure
  • Low-to-no-maintenance fence
  • Multiple function designs

Stay Tuff Only Uses High Tensile Wire!  This is why ….

Breaking Strength of Bekaert High Tensile Wire Versus Low Carbon Wire

Comparison of the breaking strengths of various Bekaert high tensile fencing wires versus low carbon fencing wires using a tensile tester machine.

Bekaert Fencing High Tensile Breaking Strength

explanation of the difference between the breaking strength of high tensile wire vs low carbon wire

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